About IDG

At the Heart of Technology

IDG Communications’ vision is to make the world a better place by enabling the right use of technology. We believe that the right use of technology can be a powerful force for good.

IDG is an organisation at the intersection of media and marketing technology. We build and improve relationships between technology buyers and sellers. We provide quality content and experiences to ensure high engagement. The result is a deep relationship with our community built on trust.

These 1st party relationships reward us with institutional knowledge that no one else commands, and we do this at a local, regional and global level across multiple languages.

Why Partner with IDG?

The foundation of IDG’s value lies with our editors and quality content. Our editorial mission is to inform, inspire and entertain our audience, which comprises the most important tech decision-makers and influencers around the world. Our industry and subject-matter experts stay on the cutting edge by addressing the distinct informational needs and perspectives that are of interest and value to our audience of tech buyers. Our writers’ breadth of knowledge and unparalleled expertise position them to produce the most relevant and trustworthy content across our media brands. In return for quality content, audiences willingly give us their personal data. It is these direct relationships that make IDG the premier partner to help build the strongest bridges between technology buyers and sellers.

We generate data from our established 1st party relationships with tech buyers from around the globe. We map buyer intent — through digital engagements with our content and advertisements, demand generation and events — to help you reach targeted audience segments based on your specific requirements. Our audiences trust that we will treat their data with respect. And, regardless of whether our customers’ goal is to pinpoint prospects at each stage of the purchase process, to drive targeted engagements or to build a pipeline, they trust that we will deliver high-quality results.

We use our quality content, domain expertise, relationships, and 1st party data to apply value across our customers’ entire marketing stack. No other company can say this. Whether it is with research, content marketing, creative services, awareness, consideration, demand generation, or a fully-integrated program, our audience knowledge and marketing expertise allow us to create solutions that resonate and are effective at engaging buyers across the tech ecosystem. When you work with IDG, we put quality to work for you.