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CIO50 2019: #26-50 Neal Liu, UCARE.AI

  • Name Neal Liu
  • Title Founder and Chief Technology Officer
  • Company UCARE.AI
  • Commenced role 2016
  • Reporting Line N/A
  • Member of the Executive Team No
  • Technology Function Seven
  • Singapore-based healthcare specialist UCARE.AI is a start-up housing bold ambitions.

    Driven by a team of data scientists, technologists and domain experts, the business exists to “unlock the impossible” by creating the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capable of making accurate predictions years into the future.

    Specifically, this is start-up seeking to apply AI to accurately predict all aspects of the healthcare industry in helping patients, providers, caregivers and payers navigate each patient journey.

    As founder and Chief Technology Officer, Neal Liu created AlgoBox, a cloud-based platform allowing users to easily train, develop and deploy new AI models.

    The offering was developed to provide a “cost-effective, simple platform” for customers to use machine learning irrespective of digital transformation maturity levels or budget.

    From data accumulation to feature engineering, model training to production model monitoring, AlgoBox aims to simplify the entire life cycle of machine learning “with just a few clicks”.

    According to Liu - a 30-year-old technology veteran - AlgoBox enables companies who are not ready for an end-to-end service to benefit from machine learning by enabling in-house data scientists or IT professionals to deploy machine learning models directly into the platform, with no engineering effort required.

    For the casual user, AlgoBox comes with a starter kit of pre-loaded models and tools.

    UCARE.AI is best summarised as a “deep tech start-up”, working closely with medical doctors and professors to reshape the healthcare industry.

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