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CIO50 2019: #26-50 Amelia Green, PwC Singapore

  • Name Amelia Green
  • Title Chief Digital Officer
  • Company PwC Singapore
  • Commenced role July 2018
  • Reporting Line Executive leadership team
  • Member of the Executive Team No
  • Technology Function Nine
  • Amelia Green joined PwC to define the digital strategy, establish a digital innovation team and drive transformation across the organisation in Singapore.

    As Chief Digital Officer, Green developed an interactive digital transformation playbook as an online tool to speed-up company-wide innovation at “every level” of the business.

    Billed as a “north star” for digitalisation, the playbook offers best practices and practical steps to support the business goals of transformation, while also acknowledging the cultural impact of change.

    According to Green, in a traditional corporate structure, digital strategies are “defined and cascaded down”. In a network firm however, the approach to be successful relies more on support and servant leadership.

    In leading the digital charge, Green prioritised “education, qualification and quantification” to help showcase digital successes to ensure organisational familiarity while meeting stakeholder objectives, “starting small” and demonstrating success”.

    Green’s approach to digitalisation centres around the belief that “everyone beyond our immediate office door is a client”.

    For example, a graffiti board is updated daily to ensure transparency on what each employee is working on, endorsed by a 'Kudos Board’ to call out digital successes and efforts.

    This is complemented by weekly ‘Monday Masterclasses’ which involves socialising new and emerging digital topics, in addition to monthly ‘Values and Cultures’ lunches to help built a culture capable of supporting a digital future.

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