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  • 10 March 2010 15:13

Samsung announces its extensive 2010 line up of new compact cameras

Innovative function with sleek style is the mantra for Samsung’s digital still camera range

Sydney, March 10, 2010: Samsung Electronics Australia, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today unveiled an extensive new range of digital still cameras. With a focus on the rich combination of innovative technologies, connectivity and simplicity, Samsung’s versatile range ensures a fully-featured and well-crafted camera to suit the needs of all photographers – from the amateur to the experienced snapper.

Looking to build on the success of 2009, Samsung boasts an extensive 2010 line up available nationally from April: - NX-10, an innovative new digital camera with the heart of a DSLR embedded in the frame of a compact camera

- PL Series, an expansion on Samsung’s 2View digital camera family with a LCD located on the front of the camera that supports video

- ST Series, the perfect range for consumers on-the-go combining the power of connectivity with ergonomic, elegant design

- WB Series, the world’s best optical performance in the compact high-zoom category

- ES Series, ideal for casual photographers offering simplicity and great value

- EX1, a high-end compact digital camera designed specifically for today’s advanced and enthusiast photographers.

- WP10, offers extraordinary waterproof capabilities

“You can never anticipate a great moment but Samsung’s new digital still camera range ensures you will have the right product to capture it when it does occur. The 2010 line up is a combination of stylish design and innovative technology delivering the ideal camera for each individual’s needs whether they are casual snappers or passionate photographers,” said Sagar Dave, Digital AV marketing manager, Samsung Australia.


Samsung’s NX-10 is a ground breaking new digital camera with the heart of a DSLR embedded inside the frame of a digital compact camera. Thanks to its mirror-less design, the NX-10 boasts a significantly smaller profile than its DSLR counterparts, but the integration of the APS-C size CMOS sensor means none of the image quality is lost. In addition, the potential to change lenses, typically a DSLR only feature, means that the NX-10 is the perfect lightweight camera that users can easily take with them everywhere they go. “Consumer research carried out by Samsung revealed that camera users want convenient and easy-to-use features which guarantee creative freedom through innovative concepts,” said Sagar Dave.

Available in black, the NX-10 cements itself as the perfect digital imaging companion by offering high definition movie recording with H.264 codec for easy transfer and viewing capability. This recording experience is amplified by the integration of a large 3.0” AMOLED screen making for easier viewing even in bright sunlight, leveraging Samsung’s position as the world’s leading digital screen manufacturer.

The NX-10 will be available from April and comes with two kits. With the pancake lens the RRP is AUD$899 and with the 18x55 lens the RRP is AUD$849.

PL Series

The PL-Series includes Samsung’s PL150 and PL101 digital still cameras. Both feature a 1.5-inch colour LCD located on the front of the camera – known as 2View - allowing you to perfectly line up self-portraits and couple shots utilising a number of different playback features, including a self-timer and Child Mode.

Also new is the ability to use the 1.5-inch front LCD to frame video in addition to photos so no more bad home videos.

In 2010, Samsung has enhanced these playback features with customers now able to enjoy musical tunes and new cartoon animations that can be downloaded via to capture the attention of young children and ensure the perfect photo.

With the 2View PL150 and PL101, not only can you capture the perfect shot but also the perfect video with both cameras offering video recording capabilities - the PL150 in particular offering 720p HD recording.

In addition to the innovate benefits of Samsung’s 2View technology, both the PL150 and PL101 also come armed with impressive specifications to ensure best possible picture. Both models offer true colour-filtered 12.2 mega-pixel CCD, providing sharp and detailed images. The PL150 takes it all a step further with 5x optical zoom, 27mm-wide angle lens to give a wider shooting range from a shorter distance as well as Samsung’s Advanced Dual Image Stabilization (IS) technology to help consumers capture crystal clear, blur-free images.

The PL101 features a standard 35mm lens with 3x optical zoom, paired with Digital Image Stabilization.

The PL150 with an RRP of AUD$ 299 and the PL101 with an RRP of AUD$279 will be available from late March.

ST Series

The ST Series includes Samsung’s ST5500 and ST5000 digital still cameras which are packed with an array of impressive features including optical zoom and wide angles. The premium ST5500 boasts a host of connectivity features as it effortlessly fuses style and technology.

With Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi and DLNA – the ST5500 is bundled into a sleek, ergonomically designed package perfect for sharing both photos and videos on the go. With an in-built touch-screen QWERTY keyboard, users can send snaps to family and friends email addresses or upload directly to a number of different social networking websites including Facebook and YouTube.

Both the ST5500 and the entry-level ST5000 boast 7x optical zoom on the high performance, oversized Schneider-KREUZNACH lens with 720p HD video recording and built-in HDMI connectivity so all the great moments captured can be shared on a HDTV or HD monitor. To ensure each picture or video is taken with the best possible settings in place, Samsung’s Smart Auto 2.0 scene recognition technology – integrated into both models - adjusts itself to whatever the current environment may be!

The ST5500 with a RRP of AUD$ 499 and the ST5000 with a RRP of AUD$399 will be available from April.

WB Series

The ability to both record video and capture images simultaneously is what makes Samsung’s new WB2000 stand out among its competitors. To ensure you’re getting the best quality in both, the WB2000 records in Full 1080p HD and takes snaps with a 24mm ultra-wide angle Schneider KREUZNACH lens complete with a generous 5x optical zoom. And cementing the WB2000 as the perfect action camera, the maximum video recording speed of 1,000 frames per second and a burst mode capable of capturing 10 full-size digital stills per second ensures users won’t miss a moment!

Other additions to the WB Series will be the WB650 and WB600 with both providing the world’s best optical performance in the compact high-zoom category, with their 24mm ultra Schneider lenses and 15x super-optical zoom.

Furthermore, the WB650 and WB600 15x super-zoom lenses is the world’s first for a compact camera with a body less than 30mm thick. With such wide angles and telephoto capabilities, capturing beautiful landscapes or entire weddings parts is that much easier. With the WB650, users will also be able to note precisely where every photo was taken with the help of built-in GPS technology to pinpoint and store the exact locations.

The WB2000 will be available from May with pricing yet to be confirmed. The WB650 and WB600 will be available from the end of March with an RRP of AUD$499 and AUD$399 respectively.

ES Series

Samsung’s ES70 and ES65 offer two attractive, easy-to-use digital still cameras with an impressive range of advanced features at an affordable price. With the 12.2 mega-pixel ES70 and 10.2 mega-pixels ES65, casual photographers will be able to enjoy the benefits of more powerful lenses as both models feature a high-quality 27mm wide-angle Samsung lens with 5x optical zoom.

The ES-Series also offers a full suite of automatic controls, including Samsung’s Smart Auto scene recognition technology, Perfect Portrait System as well as Samsung’s Beauty Shot – a unique technology which allows users to remove imperfections and blemishes from a subject’s face!

The ES65 with an RRP of AUD$129 and the ES70 with an RRP of AUD$169 will be available from March.


Samsung’s 10 mega-pixel EX1, a high-end, compact digital camera is designed specifically for today’s advanced and enthusiast photographers. The new flagship of the company’s compact digital camera family, the new EX1 incorporates a full-range of advanced features, including a high-performance imaging sensor and one of the most impressive lenses ever found on a compact camera – a 24mm ultra-wide angle lens - allowing you to be more creative and take better pictures.

The EX1 will be available from mid May with an RRP of AUD$649.


Offering extraordinary waterproof capabilities for the best possible underwater photos, the slim WP10 was developed for use in up to 10 feet of water but is also a powerful camera on land. Thanks to the camera’s exceptional low-light performance, it’s capable of taking bright images underwater so whether taking photos in the family pool or a school of fish while snorkeling you will benefit from the WP10’s dedicated Aqua mode.

The WP10 also boasts an ample, 5x optical inner-zoom lens complete with Digital Image Stabilization to help reduce blurry images making this a great camera to take on an adventure holiday. The WP10 will be available from April with an RRP of AUD$249.

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