Brand posts

Brand Posts are custom written pieces proven to deliver top of funnel engagement and brand credibility to our audiences. A holistic package that delivers amplification through native ad links partnering with your chosen IDG brand.


Brand pages

Brand Pages provide a more sustained engagement with our audiences. These bespoke pieces are written in collaboration with your messaging in mind to generate broad reach awareness and thought leadership positioning.


White Label Content

We’re behind the scenes to get the pitch right for you!

With a deep understanding of our audiences’ needs and a connection with business outcomes across broad, our team is uniquely placed to produce content that can directly influence your audience and capture mindshare.


Interactive Ad Unit

Some examples of smart ways to present your content visually and to drive interaction and take up.


Partner Zones and Site Builds

Showcase your value proposition to an engaged audience utilising a combination of new and existing content pieces. Independent microsites generate interest and fresh perspectives of your company’s solutions and expertise and partner zones have the benefit of the alignment with a selected IDG brand to reach your selected audience segment.

Site Builds Partner Zones

Visual Content

Videos, infographics, storygraphics, animated videos are all widely consumed and easily shareable. As the visual content medium continues to grow, there will be more new ways to deliver these vital experiences to our audiences.